.. Please dont ! ..

Im scared of becoming the person that I don't want to be.. but somehow, I can see that person in me.. PLEASE DON'T !


me ^___^ said...

yeah~~plz dont.i luv urself when u not turning to become anyone else.
think positively so u can live happily..suspicious or haters feeling only'll kill ur pure heart.

sumtimes when we only assume, we tend to make a mistakes. n its really terrible.

try to looks at d happy things that had happen, then u'll b happy...^___^
Gud luck in banting!!!

luckyme_june13 said...

i dont want too.. i'll be hating myself then..

miss the old days~
missi it badly..

me ^___^ said...

lets pray 4 d best ok....
He know what is d best for u..
may u b happy owez... ^___^

luckyme_june13 said...

hope for the best..