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Viva with Prof Saw Aik
  • DDH
  • Difference of fracture in adult & paeds
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Open fracture management + Tetanus jab
  • others that i forgot.. hehe..
notapenting: It was a group viva. Everyone equally participate. GOOD GROUP !!


50/foreign / work at construction site.
Complain of insidious back pain for 3/12.
occasional drinker & smokes 20 cigar per day.

Q1 : list the red flag u want to elicit and give reason.(5m)

Given analgesic and given appointment to spine clinic. After one week, complain of severe back pain with numbness on both lower limb up to level of umbilicus. Unsteady during walking. Gibbus seen on the inferior border of the scapula. Bowel & urinary was not affected.

Q2: what is the significant history and symptoms stated? reason?(3m) [need to check balik either btol ke x.. aku dh igt2 lupe]
Q3: what is the bony level of involvement?(2m)
Q4 : provisional diag & differentials?(3m)
Q5 : investigation(2m)

He was admitted for investigation. Biopsy was done.

Q6 : list 3 histopathological finding.
Q7 : how would u manage this patient?

yg ni Ary punye soalan mase die ortho..

complain of bilateral weakness & numbness of LL for 3/12
a/w LOW, LOA, urinary & fecal incontinence

  1. differential diagnosis
  2. further history
ESR - 120 mm. WBC- normal
  1. other blood investigation
  2. radiological investigation
  3. which one more reliable? why?
Swelling over the back.
  1. final diagnosis
  2. management

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