.. The Last Game ..

Netball SUKMUM '10

Dewan Serbaguna Pusat Sukan UM
4-8 Oktober 2010
[tapi team aku sampai 7 okt je]

4 Oktober 2010 [Monday]

Maaf tiada gambar

(17) (14)


6 Oktober 2010 [Wednesday]


Alhamdulillah, kami berjaya jadi johan kumpulan C.. Owh, kami menang 21-11.. Alhamdulillah.. Actually dah agak dah akan jadi johan kumpulan.. hehe.. based on pengalaman dulu, tau la gak cam ne KK8 n KK1.. Alhamdulillah.. Layak ke Quarter lawan KK3..

7 Okotber 2010 [Khamis]


Kalah bukan bererti kami x hebat.. kalah kali ni memang nasib kitorg.. takde rezeki.. hm.. Sakit wooo.. Main sungguh2 dah.. mati-matian gile ! KAMIKAZE la senang citer.. tp apekan daya.. masih x cukup umph kot..

Awalnye SERI.. 18 sama.. given extra time, 5 centre pass.. so team yang dapat 3 gol dulu menang.. We lead, we conqour the game but somehow, the victory wasn't ours.. Sad tho~ We play hard & at the same time we had fun BUT the ending was not like the fairy tale.. We crave for victory !! yes ! we do ! last year stuck kat quarter juge.. this year we aimed higher !! we are not lucky enough tho~

Having little supporters does take the pain away[coz I expect MORE! yeah! I do !!].. THANKS to all the luvly SIXERS ! they made a very super CUTE s-i-x-e-r-s on A4 paper & hold it up high every time we score~ SUNGGUH ! tak pernah ade supporters macam ni.. I'll remember it for sure for the rest of mylife.. Alhamdulillah..

Being the only 'org paling tua' in the group is hard ! The younger one always refer to u & u had nobody to refer to.. Having to boost up their spirit back after our 'takde-rezeki-nak-menang moment was actually unbearable~ I want my shoulder to cry on too.. hm.. Seing their gloomy faces does ripped my heart away.. duhhhhhhh.. cukup2 la tu.. takmo emo2 lagi..

Im proud to be your captain ! you guys are so wonderful to be with.. Sorry for the bad things i've done.. Sorry for everything..
Be happy.. u girl have many more years for revenge !


Najha, Jessy, Shika, Shiela, Umi, Putri
Aisyah, Najua, Ain, Fatin & Dalila

p/s: good luck !

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