1 down, 5 more to go !!

20/6 - 19/10/11 : MEDICAL

The Team !

The Series ~
[yup ! there's more to come..]

Yeah ! Im gonna miss everybody.. from the specialist to the nurses ! I learned a lot but yet I need to know more.. a lot more ~

Wont forget the second day PSY episode by Dr Felix ! I wont !! haha..
Wont forget the fist oncall !
Wont forget the stress & fun I had !
Wont forget the differences of people call patient ~

Thank you for everything tho..

next 4 monts : SURGICAL !!

NOW : enjoying my HOLIDAAAAAAAAAAY !! muahahaha~


YES ! I am UM graduate !!

Untuk 5 tahun itu, hari ini rasa berbaloi2 ~


Akhirnya, grad juge dari university tertua kat Malaysia ni.. hehe..

6/10/11 – Dewan Tunku Canselor, Universiti Malaya..

Thank you so gazillion much to my family, lecturers , friends & U !! Thank you for lending me hands, ears & pull me up when I fall, share with me thoughts & knowledge & always be there for me without failed..

Deeply from my heart, THANK YOU..

My version of Angry bird~ hehe