" PSY Madness "

Monday written :

Q 1

23/M/student was brought to clinic by friend with c/o of agitation & verbally abusive.
1. how would you assess this patient?

In the clinic, he suddenly become more agitated & shouting.
2. what is your immediate treatment?

In the ward he was forthcoming & give history of not sleeping well for the past 2 weeks. He affraid of getting bad result and disappoint his parents. He also take pills to stay awake at night. he take few tablets only & denies of using other drugs.
4. what further history you want to elicit?

Day 5 hospitalization: discharge.
5. How to manage continuity of care of this patient?

After 6/12 of regular follow up, he wants to stop his medication.
6. What would you explain to the patient?
7. Give evidence or example to support it.

Shorts note on :
  1. Harm reduction program in managing heroin addict & infectious disease in M'sia.
  2. Side effect antidepressant
  3. Atypical depression
  4. Catatonic shizophrenia
  5. Myxoedema madness

MCQ [ 10 question ]


fhmn111 said...

susahnye eop ko jash...korunk de wat pape ke kat prof zuraidah sampai die kuarkan killer ques??hehehehe

sheila izrin zaki said...

wow. tq for sharing! :)

luckyme_june13 said...

farah: waaaaaaaaa.. aku wat pe je kat die??? just x minat psy.. die tau kot reason kau tu, tu yg solan kill2 die2 tuh.. wa...

sheila: hehehe.. mmg post EOP..tok revison bersama.. plus senang nak refer balik if next2 gp dok tanye kuar soalan ape.. hehehe... medicine ritu je x sempat~