-PreRaya edition-

today..ramai dh berangkat pulang ke kg halaman msg2...dr smalam lg rmai yg dh gerak..tp dijangka hari ini lebih byk..for sure the road will be coloured with zillions of cars..juz tinggal beberapa muslimin dam muslimat yg mungkin akan berangkat esok hari..semoge perjalanan anda selamat sentiase..amin!! *drive hati2..make sure handsfree di telinga sentiase* For this PreRaya edition, i just want to PreRaya myself with my previous befor raya and raya activities..in the ancient time i used *ups..its actually we used * to baked our own kueh raye..but this time sad to say, i dont think we were able to baked it..so..no kueh raye from me this year..maybe next year there will be some kueh raye with the taste of my tasteful air tgn.. *x caye sdap ke?? my tart nenas is very the tasty one*

just let it be that way~~

im going back today..at night after fetching my sis kat KL..then home i go..wondering what "kerahan tenaga" will my mum kerah to us 6 siblings..no new langsir,no new raya stuff for the house i supposed.. mak tak babble anything about buying new stuff or furniture for this raye..actually its been a while since we didnt buy newwy2 stuff for raye..previously we had..but then, we just used or actually 'modified' the old2 things that we have..its a good thing tho..my mum n my sis, they really good in sewing*old + new generation = so cannot belive they made it*..so, just hand them kain *the cheapest one also can be transformed to something that is priceless* and u'll wait for the magic to work..hehehe..just love them so much~~

wondering how my raya would be this year..raya tetap raya but yet buku???hehehe.. cannot let my brain be stuffed with just raya stuff!! just cannot!!! stil have to ****** x mo mention la..nk raye nie...hahaha... open house.. hm.. donno la buat ke x..but all of u r welcome!!!!! come n visit my house if you can..theres nothing much.. but i have lots of lil sista n 2 lil bro..all cumil2 blake...

cant wait to get home..n for this coming whole week *starting from tomorrow* im going to miss u!!!!! guys....*hehehe...*

one more thing!!!!!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua...

maaf kan segala telanjur kata..

terkasar perbuatan..

terjeling, termarah, terbengang semua...

saya ni manusia biasa..

banyak khilaf sini sana..

silalah ampuni saya...

Maaf Zahir & Batin

raya 07..
from L-R : ateh, mak, kak cik, me,uda.. abg, adik..
see..abg suke buli adik!!!

raya 08
melaram with our bedazzling glowing baju raye..
lots of fun during pic snapping..

p/s: mak x dpt jeput..wa~~sedey.. nek tren..harap x sadin~~

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