[ Banting's life : Part 2 ]


We meet again [bajet macam ramai bace blog ni je] !! Story of me & my small-best-group-members [winy!hadi! korg paling best TAHU! kasi chan kat apek2 same amoi sorg ni plak tok enterprem~ ] during our one whole week of Teluk Datok OPD posting..

To whom concern : this is our/yours-to-be-facebook connector! unless u have broadband, boleh la abaikan gambar ini.. hehe.. 4 computers for the whole group~ SO ! learn to share people.. hm~ masih ade tempat lain yg menawarkan wifi.. i'll tell later.. keep on readin keh..

MONDAY: no class! i suppose~ can't recall back tho.. teehee.. [suddenly igt balik.. hm.. tp itu monday next weeknye~ sorry2.. x igt.. muahaha..]

TUESDAY: sile rujuk 9/11/10 ^^V


Wait for several hours [hm..2 hours to be exact!] for the IK[inspektor kesihatan] to bring us for round a.k.a mosquito larva hunting.. gile lame okeh!! they go minum pagi 1st then only start their work! wut la.. gile henjoy life cam tuh!

After several chitchat di pagi hari between themselves, then only they lead us to Sek. Men. Banting [yes~~ we have to drive.. Kar Wei's own car & petrol ! ]. So, our job that morning was jentik2 hunting at almost noon time ! hm.. with the heat & nyamuk yg berterbangan dengan gembira sambil hinggap2 manja namun sempat sedut sepam dua darah kitorg.. mmg superb! eh! bukan x biase kene gigit nyamuk.. tapikan.. dh la tgh hari & nyamuk tu mmg ade kemungkinan nyamuk AEDES yg membolehkan kami mendapat DENGUE ke hape.. kami xde la suke suki sgt nak mengexposed kan diri dgn bencana yg satu tu.. aish2.. tp inilah sebahagian dari study kami..

Demi gamba menarik lg da boom! mereka sanggup posing sehebat ini.. eh2! meet my small-best-group members~ Mei Ling-Kar Wei-Chan Teng~ u guys mmg best lah! still remember how 'flushed' Mei Ling's face under the sun & how kiasu Chan Teng was with the larvae & super gile Kar Wei's pose every time i snap pic with him in the lense eye-field..

We all manage to find the jambu sedap place!! what an experienced to find this small jambu stall.. hehe.. We even cam-whoring wif the jambu seller tho.. muahahaha.. manage to buy jambu there twice.. ok la tu kan.. duit bukan nye banyak pon nak di-spending-spree kan.. teeheeeee..

Pic wif SN Rohayu before she left us handling the paeds patient.. owh.. we r supervised by another garang SN(staff nurse).. hayooooooo.. i totally merangkak2 doing DA.. wut da !! scary okeh!!

AND to end a super hawt day wif a coool feelin was to eat the famous Banting Cendol ! hahaha.. thanx Kar Wei for paying my cendol.. in simple word, he belanja me lo~ so nice of him!! kan.. kan.. hehehe!!

The day that we are legally to be a temporary-doctor! the only day! well for me & mei ling only as we didnt go for OPD last tuesday.. hehehe.. manage to prescribed several medications after seeing the patient & the sweetest thing was that i also managed to get free gift from my patient [OMG! 'my' tu..hahaha..] which was an URTI a.k.a demam selesema, cikgu! hahaha... worse part come when i dont have any meds wif me.. i prescribed for others but none for me.. hahaha.. wut la..

The person who was responsible for our late lunch~ hayoooo.. eh! x baik!!! She was super nice to us OK!! that doc ! sorry we didnt get ur name.. i did glanced at ur name tag but .. cant recall back.. hayoooooo jas~

That night we go rewang2 wif no money to spend~ UPTOWN katenye.. but.. hambar! igtkn malam minggu akan meriah but one malam minggu we lalu there but no stall open at all.. huh???

Hang out for 10 minutes kat McD sebelah UPTOWN tuh.. somebody need to use da toilet~ hahaha.. jgn mara ye!! Hadi tanpa berlengah trus sign in fb die.. well, di sebabkan x mahu kalah, i also online wif my 1660 nokia black & white screen! huh! amik ko~ sampai mati pon x dapat sign in fb.. hahahaha~ owh ye! this is the other place where u can surf the net! McD wifi for freeee!


Super x tau ape jadi! hahaha.. owh ye.. we have to join da class since our org asli visit was cancelled.. so b4 berangkat balik UM, we go shopping kerepek! hehehe...

End of 2nd week~

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