=) Lesson I learn


Today, I had my Somatoform Disorder presentation, a not so important topic *wont come out in exam - people say la* but kind of interesting things to know~ superb! *hahaha.. undifferentiated somatoform ~ winy can u explain??* Then, followed by Behavioral Disorder *fine.. Zuri's slide was OoooSEM ok! microsoft 2010 lg!*, another interesting & fun topic ! but yet, still lesser chance to be an exam questions.. ok fine !! TAPI2, the fun part or the part that i like the most is that all of the disorder are sort of "winy, that TUUT girl kan? have this kind of disorder kan??" kind of feeling/saying..by knowing this disorder i even can spot some of my frenz here having this 'illness'.. nice kan????

So ! main BULKY topic yg aku nak ebel *Amar pronounciation of membebel. eg: Ta Jas ni suke ebel je la..* ade lah -> hm.. ??? terhenti sekejap.. owh, nak share story pasal seorg yg aku jumpe td.. dia ni fizikalnye sgt sehat.. from the appearance kite tak kan kate die sakit.. tp dia ada masalah dalaman sikit la.. masa aku approach, dia cam welcoming.. but later on die x nak layan.. air muke pon start berubah.. jd sedih.. hm.. memula blur gak.. tp x blh nak tinggal kan cam tu je.. have to make a good rapport.. so, layan la kejap kan.. b4 that dia ade mention dia nak start new life! to be more positive person! disebabkan tak mahu thing jadi worse or dia start crying, i say to her 'just now u said u want to be a new person, why star tomorrow? why cannot today'. Then, dia lift dia punye muke up & start smiling again.. duh~~ tegamam aku waktu tu.. im just quoting her sayings kan.. but i can see it does bring BIG impact on dia.. dia has a very long life journey to go.. eh2.. journey aku pon kan.. *tp die lame sikit la kot.. add 3-4 years more.. haha* After that dia trus berubah jadi happy + senyum je.. =)

p/s: harap senyum dia bertahan sampai bile2 ! Ganbate S !!!

p/s2: ciot je WINY td!! ade ke die kata aku Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder !! sampai Datin dok 'really??' celah mana?? hahahaha...


Kelisa Type R said...

dak2 grp ak kate ak ade malingering... huhuhu

luckyme_june13 said...

ko suke r tu??