# Surgery, BYE BYE #

Bank Soalan EOP
(Maaf! soalan lengkap aku x HAFAL.. ini je yg termampu..)
Question 1

65/M/ sudden onset back pain for 4 hours. He's pale, tachycardic, hypovolemia, cold & sweating. Smoker for 30 years. k/c/o hypertension & hyperlipidaemia..
  1. In A&E,ur MANAGEMENT would be?
  2. On P/E : tender, guarding and distended abdomen. DDx?
  3. Interpret Investigations: (yg blood result aku tlg ye..) anaemic, NO leucocytosis, NORMAL platelet/ se. amylase. Metabolic Acidosis. CXR: mild cardiomegaly. ECG: L ventricular hypertrophy (di interpret sbg Essential HPT ) US abdo: aorta 7cm in diameter with surrounding fluid. NORMAL liver & kidney.
  4. Provisional diagnosis & radiology investigation for confirmation.
  5. Treatment & PATHOPHYSIOLOGY!!
*Soalan ni byk salah unit tok bllod result.. gile pe platelet sampai 8700??*

Question 2

70/F/ persistent vomiting. Loss 10% of body weight. OGDS done.
  1. Describe the endoscopic finding *pic was given..*
  2. What will u find in P/E?
  3. What investigation should be done before going for surgery?
  4. While waiting for investigation, she develop melena. Pulse rate 120. BP 90/50. Describe ur MANAGEMENT in acute setting. *A&E*
  5. Treatment during acute setting?
  6. Complication if left untreated.

nak jawapan?? sila jawab sendiri dan mari berdiskus dgn aku.. huhu.. harap ini menbantu...

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