. P6 graduation celebration with LOVE[s] .

went out with my lovely girls [since linda x ikut so she's A BIT less lovely... hahaha!!!] for dinner a.k.a graduation dinner for me after completing my 2 weeks of 'HO practical' at P6. We dine in at pizza hut Midvel. hehe..

P6; im gonna miss the kids there.. the others, naaaaaaaaa.. wont be missing any ! except for Prof. Hany??!! hehheee..

thanx for the exposure P6 ! HO is going to be @#$%^&* ~


najwa, ary, ika, luv & jiea with linda at 6th

sindrom syok seniri tp gune fon org lain~

p/s: damn miss my time with this pretty-es-tes gal~ seriously !

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