- Banting's life : Part 1 -


Hari itu hujan turun renyai2 tuk sambut kedatangan kami.. woke up super early that morning.. had to rush to Banting for briefing sessions.. reached Banting at about 7.30 am & manage to eat breakfast there.. first impression was, this place was not bad after all.. mane taknye, pagi yg sejuk & sgt best kalu dapat sambung tido yg tergendala dalam kereta td.. hehe..

check in~ yeah! even though memule ade berite kurang menarik [x-cukup-room kinda thing la tp sbenarye sgt-cukup-kot] hehe.. obviously i didn't planned to stay alone as i've been stuffed with the 'spooky-tale' Banting story.. [ok~ penakut !]

the next day was uneventful~ sebab hari itu adelah hari yeay-doktor-x-dtg!! SDL[self directed learning] katenye.. muahaha.. mmg sgt2 self la kan..

It's time to explore Banting ! yeeeeha!

we go shopping kat ECONSAVE! owh ye! this is a must place to go shopping for grocery.. simply because its cheap~ even Ben & the rest of my Chinese fren sgt2 WOW-MURAH-PNYE-BARANG.. Banting pun ade Tesco OK~ just nice kan.. tp agak jauh dari hospital..

No time to waste! start KIASU-ing already.. muahaha.. first to present case! ophthalmology pule tuh! wut laaaa~ err.. my last posting was.. err... hehe.. but super good lecturer! im soo dem lucky that day~ lalala...

Then, comes ENT class.. huhu.. had fun with Dr Zul.. thanxxxx Doc!!

Super love OPD Hospital Banting! simply because when the 'prime' a.k.a masak ranum [masa kemuncak sbenanye] time come, mmg x cukup kaki tangan tok buat semua procedure! best~ been practicing my blood taking[i even manage to take babies blood! how cool was that huh!], branula insertions, im/iv injections & dressing there! sooo buku pon penuh la dgn signature.. huhu..

Super cool! except the inappropriate-behavior-of-the-i-cannot-mention-the name here.. i wont miss u OK! never! daaaaaaa~

Minggu pertama tamat!


oniechan said...

oiyt..g banting x gtao!majuk ah cmniii

luckyme_june13 said...

onie! sory nen..=(