- 011110 -

Banting Day 1

Jejakkan kaki for a few hours.. i don't think my foot step sempat nak tinggal jejak.. haha..

start journey arond 630am & arrived about 730am.. the weather was very moody.. Hadi drive with minimal degree of mamai-ness but alhamdulillah.. selamat sampai~ had trouble with the room allocation but simple matter je.. solved ! share room with Winy [artis aka diva 6 kolej~].. *kembang*
~cuaca yg moody~

Had our briefing.. Nice people there.. had a few tersengguk2 during briefing but manage to get trough it safe & sound..

Around 1630, Winy's transformer dh start vrooooooom2~ head back to UM for MSK [minggu seni kreatif] closing ceremony.. teman Winy as she's the most[est]-kuat[est] person in charge with Hadi as the loyal driver while im enjoying my spacious seat at the back.. NICE !

Now, waiting for the ceremony to start..2030! mahu makan itu 'ayam pansun?' [x sure btol ke x & malas nak google] ayam yg dimasak dalam buluh~ makanan dari Sarawak~ now, nak tido dulu.. penat ah..

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