+ interesting book in GS clinic +

Title : Prescriptions for Pa***on (hahaha.. xberani nak letak full)

aku quote sikit2 la ye pe yg de dlm buku bersaiz poket nie..

~ see.. gamba buku pon x mo tunjuk full ~

relationship between man & woman
.. are very different from each other, like strangers..
but all it takes to meet is a little understanding openness..

.. & a lot of communication..

.. woman will always try to change her partner, to make him come over to her side.
.. man however believes he can always build a shorter bridge & fixed any problems..

the fact is, neither both knows anything about the bridge that divides them..

views from a man
who knows what a man is thinking beneath that veneer of sports, cars & work..
relationships : quite simple ; secretive & keeps his feeling to himself..
.. wants commitment but may not want to show it.. being open, is nearly impossible to them..

it takes trust to make things work because without it commitment is like an annoying itch which can develop into an open wound if u keep scratching them

sampai takat tu je yg blh di share.. if di truskan nnti lain plak jadi nye.. hahahaha~~

sungguh, buku ni sgt comel.. aku mmg gelak je bace.. gamba2 kartun yg die bg tok explain lebih detail pasal ni pon sesangat comel.. ye.. aku x abes2 gelak.. hm.. pas ni pnat la nak kutip balik ilmu2(yg sgt ciput ni) yg bertaburan tu.. astaga..

owh ye, buku tu pasal ED ye kawan2.. ape ED?? sape yg tau bagus.. yg x tau..... hm.. *aku serba salah lak nk bg tau..he~~*


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