part 2 : blood type..

Gossip & talking about others

Type A smart in pointing out other's weakness

Type A are afraid that others will find out that he spoke bad about them..

type B doesnt really know well about many things...

Type O uses explosive languages!!

Type AB was not easily influenced..
stay cool!!

Blood type O...will not be on time

and blood type B is....


he.. eat = B..thats me..huahuahua..

More bout driving..

are affraid to make mistakes...

can be easily distracted..

are affraid to feel bored..

such a perfectionist and think highly of themselves..

this is how it'll look like when together..

More observations of the blood type..

AB blood type has weird imagination..
cant understand their thoughts!!
really cant understand their thoughts..

Say this to kids in kindergarten..

Type A: will definitely not cross over.

Type B: cross while talking.

Type O: cross while teacher is not looking.

Type AB: Reports to teacher when she is back!!

when they are put together..

will look like this

hopefully u guys enjoed this...

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oniechan said...

hek2..comeyl gler!