this is da third article for today..yup..three..tige..hm..damn bored..what else to do now???final exam nearly here..but yet I still cannot concentrate..cannot even focus on a simple chapter..where have my thought gone to???gosh..thankfully wireless was very supportive today..but yet, cant even take a peep at facebook..why?? just now the signal was superb but now its coming to the ground.. fuh2.. tiup balik bg naik... extremely bored..kuar jejalan???hm..no money tho...have to ikat perut a little coz need to buy so many2 keperluan hidup plus pay the lorry for mengangkut my belongingZ back to UM..eventho I think my stuff was not that many, yet need lorry to bring it back..now, da prob.. I donne either my small boxes is enough or not..hm..k2..find boxes k..hm..I want my beg tarik AF..I don hav it rite now..at home coz dat day my sis (HUDA) pinjam coz she's going to USM..hu..yup!my sis was now a USM-an..pekene pesembor je..he.. AaaaaAaa...x jerit pon..my inner-self yg jerit..gosh..sumone..hepl me plz..take me away from dis BOREDness.... sigh~~~

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