im feelin..

notin much happen today..im juz havin a normal day..notin extraordinary..but yesterday, was full wif 'emotion'..hehe..wat had happen???suppose me n my mates go out celebratin our celebration..but at last notin happen..(SAD)..actually it was canceled(MAD)..due to??hard to say..so many miscommunication n some more miscommunications..haha...well2.. i do hv my own way to cheer up my kinda gloomy day..went 4 muvi(HAPPY)...night at the museum 2..togethr wif some of me frens(yeke??)nice muvi..very hilarious one..thanx again 4 da invitation + ticket + coke..^_^..next time on me k..i kno ur going 2 be da next person in da 'bank-rupsy' society but hopefully NOT coz if u r goin 2 den how??hu..so..those who havent seen dis muvie..go n watch it k..hm..lately i've been a 'kaki wayng' person eh??no wonder la i no so much muvi nowdays..hu..hm..i wonder wats muvi goin to b release soon/next..(HYPERHAPPY)lalala~~after muvi go back wifout 'filling my empty stomach'..wa..not dat hungry at 1st coz oready ate 2 big apple donut+coke..(1/4 LAPAR)..then, s i merilexkan badan di katil,me fren send sms saying 'jas,jom p wad'..wa..at dat time i feel(owh..so MALAS)but instead of replyg no, i type 'ok,kol brape?'..wa..i think i've got da syndrom of 'hati nk lain,tp buat lain'..wa..can it b cured???he.. donno..so..2 da ward im goin..lalala~~in da ward, i turn to a (im da most RAJINest med studnt ever)haha...yelertu..jas rajin tetibe???but, da most NOT BESTes ting happen...wa...my empty stomach was bewildered wif excitement asking to b filled wif love..he..food ler(LAPAR)..wa..but baru je smpai nie..ok2 1st ting 1st..finish clerkg 1st den only go eat dinner..(LAPAR vs RAJIN) cut story short, finish clerk go dinner..haha..dinner at 2215..wa..canot pecaye..but belive it k..hu..go eat kuew tiaw..no TOGEH..yum2...but x abes..hahaha...then,go back..sesampai je my mates was happily celebrating our x jd celebration..wa..hm..don wat 2 go coz (MAJOK)..hm..am i suppose to majok??donno ler..=(

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